Our Company

An easier and more efficient way to do business

Our mission is to bring banks, insurance companies and investment funds together in a fast and efficient way. We aim to cut through the market’s lack of transparency and give your company all the tools it needs to find its ideal business partner.

Our story

The mission and the values of LiquidityHouse are deeply rooted in the professional history of the company’s founder, Hans Böhm. With more than 25 years of experience within the world of funds and banking, he knows the financial world inside out.

Being able to identify possibilities for improvement, he noticed the limitations of the traditional methods of banks, insurance companies and investment funds of getting in contact to achieve profitable business relationships. One by one, with countless hours and resources being put into every single professional relationship, these relationships often don’t come to fruition by the end anyway.

This gap between its current state and its ideal state and the fast development of digital possibilities paved the way to LiquidityHouse: a fast and efficient, algorithm-based internet platform that allows its users to find matching business partners for liquidity and share distribution.

Our leadership

Hans Böhm


Joe Leiner

Head of Design and Technology

Dr. Henning Borchers

Leader Compliance & Strategy

Guido Jähnichen

Head of Sales

Cora Maglo

Legal Advisor

LiquidityHouse is acknowledged by the Luxemburgish Financial Market Authority (CSSF).

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Our values


Quality is an underlying characteristic of our company that has an impact on all facets of our customer and workforce relationships and communication. Thinking in terms of quality means striving to implement high standards at all times and meeting all our customers’ expectations.


We act with integrity in everything we do. We are accountable towards our stakeholders for the fulfilment of our commitments. We aim to inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and assuming responsibility for our actions. We are committed to working as a company, which focuses on treating our customers, partners and employees as we would hope to be treated ourselves: with respect, honesty and reliability.


We believe that only long-term and comprehensive experience help to master the challenging digital future. Comprehensive knowledge based on experience allows us to develop technical systems and methodologies that support our stakeholders in improving and adjusting their business-models during the transformation from the analogue into the digital future.


We clearly assert our role as an innovative market player in the domain of digitalized services by providing innovative and services backed up by a state-of-the art technology. We aspire to be creative and efficient, to deliver results in order to create inspired and visionary solutions for our stakeholders.


We are proud to provide a system which serves to facilitate collaboration between national and international financial stakeholders. We focus on developing synergies between our stakeholders. We believe in our people and are convinced that our high performance levels are the result of our excellent collaboration.


By relying on lean processes and state-of-the-art technology we always provide the smartest solutions. We meet our deadlines and we are reactive, flexible and inspired by our strong team spirit. We seek effective ways to provide perfect solutions in order to serve our stakeholders in the best possible way.


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