Direct Investments

Investments and equity
at the click of a button

How it works
Open- and closed-ended investment funds can search for direct investments/equity participations via our platform, while banks and insurance companies can register to find funds to invest in.

What you get
The contact information of a company that wants to do business with a company like yours.

Investment Funds

Specify the volume of the desired investment, the type and minimum rating grade of investor, and many other factors. Designed and adapted to be used by both closed- and open-ended investment funds.

Banks & Insurers

Specify the amount you want to invest into both open- and closed-ended funds, as well as a broad range of criteria appropriate funds have to fulfill.


If our system detects an overlap in the criteria of both an investment fund and a bank or insurance company, a match is triggered. We’ll notify both partners of this event and confirm that interest and accuracy of their information is up-to-date.


If both parties are still interested, we will reveal their contact information to them after payment of our matching fee. They are then free to contact another and negotiate outside of our platform. In case of a contract being concluded, additional fees apply.

Analyses & Contracts

In case of a match with an open-ended investment fund, banks and insurance companies can request additional analyses about their potential business partner against payment of a fee. We can also assist all matched businesses with drafting contracts and other legal steps.

No Commitment

Usage of our platform is free and you don’t have to be an active member to be considered for a match after your first registration. We only charge fees if we can be of value to your company and after you’ve expressed your repeated interest in a specific service.


For Investment Funds (Matching)
For direct investments and equity participations, fees only incur for investment funds. If our system detects a bank or insurance company that matches with the criteria of an investment fund, said fund has to pay a matching fee of 5.000€ (excl. VAT) to receive their respective contact information. This matching fee is only due after confirming with both parties that they’re still interested in a potential partnership and that the information they provided us with is up-to-date.

For Investment Funds (Brokerage)
Additionally, brokerage fees become due if both parties enter into a legal agreement on a direct investment or equity with each other. These fees amount to 5% of the investment sum for closed-ended funds, or 0.75% of the investment amount for open-ended funds over the course of 1 year. These expenses can generally be charged to the fund.

By accepting the Brokerage Agreement after registration, your company commits itself to paying brokerage fees for any legal agreement that was mediated through LiquidityHouse for a period of up to 3 years.