Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Platform and services

What does LiquidityHouse do?

Liquidity is an online platform that mediates services for the financial world. We connect service providers (banks and insurance companies) with receivers (investment funds and asset managers) who sign up on our platform and submit their criteria for their ideal business partners.

Does LiquidityHouse provide liquidity, distribution, or investments itself?

No. We only function as a brokerage platform.

How does it work?

Interested companies can sign up on our website and submit all of the information we require to evaluate their company and their desired services. By submitting a range of criteria, our system creates a profile of their company, and if that profile matches closely with another participant in our database that has similar criteria, our underlying algorithm matches both parties with each other. If both parties agree to have their contact information revealed to each other, a matching fee is due, and they can afterwards enter into contact with another.

Who can use LiquidityHouse’s platform?

Asset managers, banks, insurance companies, and investment funds. We only allow companies on our platform, represented by an authorized person.

What information do I need to give LiquidityHouse during registration?

To create an account, you only need to provide us with your email address, name, company name, and company type.
Afterwards, in order to be able to use our service, you have to fill in further information regarding your company (typically 10 to 20 questions), as well as information regarding your desired service. Both of these pieces of information will determine if and how your company will be able to match with another company that fits these criteria.


How does LiquidityHouse’s matching function work?

Companies register their information in our platform and the services (liquidity, distribution, investments…) they desire. If our algorithm detects a match in their criteria with another corresponding company in our system, both parties get matched and we’ll send them anonymized information about each other for review.

Does my company have to pay during a match?

Not automatically. Only one of both companies has to pay, depending on the respective services. Additionally, we contact both parties in advance to see if their information is still up-to-date and if they’re still interested in receiving information regarding a match. If they both agree, we’ll invoice on of the parties, as described under our fees section.

Can my company decline a match?

Yes, you may decline a match for whatever reason, before any payment happens.

What happens after a match?

After one of the companies has paid the matching fee, we’ll give both parties the respective contact information. They can then contact each other outside of LiquidityHouse’s platform and begin negotiations with each other. If they enter into an agreement with each other and sign a contract, they are required to submit this information to LiquidityHouse and pay an additional brokerage fee.

Does LiquidityHouse guarantee a match or successful negotiations?

No. We can neither guarantee you that we have a company in our system that currently matches your criteria, nor can we be held liable for unsuccessful negotiations.

Fees & Payment

What fees does the usage of LiquidityHouse’s website entail?

There are two major kinds of fees: a matching fee when we’ve found a company that matches your criteria, and a brokerage fee that occurs when you sign a contract with the matched party. Additionally, some parties can request analyses of their matched partner against payment of a fee. All costs can be viewed under the fees section.

Can my investment fund be charged LiquidityHouse’s fees?

Generally speaking, yes.

Brokerage Agreement

To be able to use our platform, interested parties have to sign a brokerage agreement after registration. This can be done on our platform and does not require a signature on paper, as electronic signatures have the same validity as handwritten ones in the EU. The brokerage agreement is the binding legal contract between LiquidityHouse and you, the company using our services.

Post-Matching (brokerage) fees

Brokerage fees occur if the matched parties sign a contract with each other. As per the brokerage agreement, the companies are required to submit information regarding their contract to LiquidityHouse and an additional fee will be due, which depends on the specifics of the contract, as described under the fees section.

Analyses and Contracts

Does LiquidityHouse offer analyses about business partners?

Yes, but only to banks and insurance companies, in order to assess the quality and security of their potential investment. Receiving an analyses and overview of their potential business partner entails a fee of 500 € (excl. VAT).

Does LiquidityHouse offer assistance for the drafting of contracts?

Not directly, but we can recommend you a legal expert suited to your needs.

Does LiquidityHouse offer assistance for legal or regulatory issues?

Not directly, but we can recommend you a legal expert suited to your needs.


Founder and inception date

LiquidityHouse was founded by Hans Böhm, who has been working in the financial world for over 25 years and saw a gap in the market LiquidityHouse aimed to fill. After more than a year in development, the company was officially incorporated in Luxembourg in 2019.

Where is LiquidityHouse located?

LiquidityHouse operates out of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (Lhoft) in Luxembourg-City.

Is LiquidityHouse supervised by a financial authority?

No. As LiquidityHouse only acts as a broker, we do not fall under supervision of Luxembourg’s CSSF authority, as we have officially confirmed with them.

How can I get in contact with LiquidityHouse?

You can send us an email at or give us a call at +352 621 421 918.


What are affiliates?

Affiliates are people who can willingly sign up on our platform and recommend us to companies that might be interested in our services. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll receive a custom link that you can send to companies you know. If these companies use our services and pay our fees, you’ll receive 5% of all transactions.

How can I become an affiliate?

You can sign up here. We will manually review your request and get back to you with further information.

How long does my affiliation last?

The affiliation between you and LiquidityHouse will last as long as it’s not cancelled by either party, and the referral bonus you get from referred companies will remain active for 3 years after the company’s registration.


What does LiquidityHouse do with my data?

Your personal data is used to create a profile and notify you of any matches that occur, and the data about your company will be used to identify potential business partners in our system, as well as serve as a basis for potential analyses towards matched businesses. All of your data is secure and will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

How secure is my data?

We don’t sell or share any of your data, and all your data is stored securely on our servers. We take appropriate steps to prevent cyber-crime, keep our servers and platform up-to-date with the newest security recommendations, and don’t have access to your encrypted password.

Is LiquidityHouse GDPR-compliant?


Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can request to have your account deleted by sending us an email to from the email you’ve created an account on our platform. If you have already been matched with another business, the Brokerage Agreement will however stay in place and deleting your account will not remove the necessity to keep us updated about the results of your negotiations and a potential contract.